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Any car accident can be devastating. Not just the physical pain, but the financial problems it accompanies are enormous. A plaintiff who is the hospital because of the injury and recovering. Wonder who is doing the individuals job? Well, no one. This means that the plaintiff has to worry about medical bills and on top of that, a legal bill to fight for the compensation amount. Considering all of this going on, meeting your daily expenditure can be a nightmare. It is important to get better, but you need to pay the bills also. Auto accident loans from America Lawsuit Loans can help. Car/truck accident loans can offer plaintiffs with all the necessary funding they need to keep their life going properly. The loans can help you from worrying about your financial problems so that you can get better and go back to work.

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The opponent always knows who they are going up against. Be it an individual or an insurance company, they always know about how devastating the financial stress can be. That is what they try to leverage. The insurance companies mainly try to force the plaintiff to settle early so that they only need to pay less compensation amount. Since most of the individual need, the money to pay rent and the plan of such insurance companies gets successful. That is when pre settlement funding can help you to stay in the fight and get your claims.

What is an auto accident lawsuit loan?

Auto Accident Loans are the legal funding which are dispersed to the plaintiff which is facing an ongoing settlement in court for a vehicular accident in which he/she is involved directly. Though it is similar to a Loan in a broad view, it can be considered as an advance which you receive from the Lawsuit Funding Companies to fight your settlement case and repay the amount once you get the settlement money after winning the Lawsuit. There are several Lawsuit Companies in the USA which pays the amount based on the case strength and takes the refund when the judgment gets in the favor and the plaintiff receives the settlement amount. At America Law Suit Loans we offer best interest rates and simple terms that make the entire thing very simple for everyone. We offer loans under a no-win-no-pay guarantee. If you do not get a claim, you do not have to pay. The upfront cash that you get from the company helps you to incur your expenses of living and medical bills, plus you can have the attorney fee in advance so that a fair settlement gets possible.

How much loan amount do you get in the accident loan?

The amount which you can claim solely depends on the strength of the case. The loan amount which our company will release depends on the chances of winning the settlement. Based on the future settlement amount a portion of it is given by us to the plaintiffs to tackle the ongoing financial crisis. Our experts will analyze your case first then they will estimate the amount which can be dispersed. Our firm offers around 10% – 15% of the expected value of the settlement amount. We also offer about 2 to 3 medical expenses for the party. We, at our Lawsuit Funding Company, offer lower interest rates than most of the other agencies and firms. This means you would be able to keep more of the settlement claims for yourself and build a better future.

Who qualifies for an auto accident loans?

Since our screening step to offer auto accident loan is simple. You can see from the below-given checklist whether your case can get the fund by our firm or not. Few things which need to check before filling up the contact form are:

  • You should be 18 years of age
  • You should have a valid accident claim
  • An attorney should be representing you on a contingency basis

Once you get the assurance that your case is as per the checklist. You can contact us or give us a call at +1 888-335-3537.  So that our executive can give you brief details and information regarding all your queries. Once your case gets an approval. We will initiate the transfer immediately after consulting with your attorney. If the papers for auto accident claims are a well-documented and have clear liability. Then it means that funds can be smoothly transferred within 24 hours.

What are the types of accident loans that are available?

There are lots of presettlement loans that the plaintiffs can be eligible for. All auto accidents including commercial vehicles, buses, taxis and limousines, semi-trucks and private vehicles are covered. Not only that, even if you were involved in a motorcycle, ride-sharing or bicycle accident, you would be able to make a claim. The same goes for pedestrians. In short, if you have been involved in any accidents on the road involving any vehicle, you can get a loan from us at America Law Suit Loans. Get in touch with us and know more about auto accident loans. We are always using the best of practices to help out people who are in dire circumstances.

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